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LED Wall Rental

Our LED Wall is one of our biggest sellers! This state-of-the-art technology is not commonly offered in the Capital Region of New York. 

The LED Wall is available for indoor and outdoor events. It’s available for:

• Conferences – Flying/Hanging LED wall displays are perfect for large digital backdrops and as a replacement for projection.

• Corporate Events – Clients rent our LED video walls to increase brand awareness and create sponsorship opportunities.

• Marketing Events – Video walls create a modern, interactive feel and have the unlimited creative potential for experiential marketing events.

• Outdoor Events – Our LED video wall can be used for outdoor for corporate / special events.

What we use

VG Series is an industry-leading outdoor rental application.

The Taylorleds VG (Vapor Glare) is a smart, lightweight, and innovative outdoor rental panel solution. The all-in-one removable control and power pack have:

  • Magnetic Modules
  • Front and Rear Service
  • Magnet Assisted Assembly
  • Dual-purpose Locking System and Anti- Collision protection

Taylorleds core values are customer orientation and honesty, and their passion and mission are to provide the best LED Display solutions for customers’ applications. 

We can even build our led walls right on the floor

Interested in renting our led wall?

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